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Individual therapy, commonly known as “talk therapy," is often what comes to mind when people think of therapy in general.


Individual therapy primarily involves one-on-one sessions between the client and therapist but can include family members or other important people in your life if you desire to include them in your treatment.


Individual therapy is available for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults.



Family life can be both rewarding and frustrating.


Family therapy is an effective mode of treatment when there is an imbalance between the struggles and the rewards of working together as a family.


This type of therapy can also be used to boost or re-access the strengths that already exist within the family and promote the development of new communication and connection skills.


Many techniques are taught and practiced within the session, so the family can leave feeling confident to utilize the skills at home.

Play therapy is a developmentally appropriate way to understand children’s experiences within the context of their world.


Children often do not have the vocabulary and expressive language to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences and are able to do so through their play. 


Play therapists are trained to pay attention to patterns, themes, along with other aspects of a child’s play and to respond in ways that help to provide understanding.


Play therapy provides a way for children to work through difficult experiences, along with what may be impacting their mood, behaviors, interactions, and other struggles. 

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